in-home packages

FitIndi's In-Home personal training service is ideal for individuals with busy schedules and who want to workout within the convenience of their own home or office. We provide individual, family, small group training, and consultation. FitIndi can work with your existing equipment or bring the equipment to you.

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Number of Months 1 month2 months3 months
Why choose thisStart your fitness journeyGet a 5% discountEnjoy a 10% discount
ConsultationOne-on-One Consultation
AssessmentFitIndiRx Comprehensive Assessment
TrainingFitIndiRx Tailored Training Programs
NutritiondotFIT™ Nutrition Assistance    AND    Precision Nutrition Coaching
SupplementsdotFIT™ Supplement Recommendations    AND    20% off dotFIT™ Supplements
TrackingFitIndiRx Monthly Dashboards
Additional Services Member Services* FitRanX™ Fitness Testing
Member Services*
FitRanX™ Fitness Testing
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training
Member Services*

virtual packages

If you don’t live in the Princeton area and are looking for a personalized training program and nutritional recommendations tailored to your individual needs, then this is the option for you. No matter where you are located, a FitIndi trainer will be there to provide support and motivation.

  Personal Fitness Guide Monthly Membership Monthly Virtual Coach
Assessment FitIndiRx Comprehensive AssessmentOnline Fitness AssessmentFitIndiRx Comprehensive Assessment Via Skype
Training FitIndiRx Tailored Training ProgramOver 800 Goal-Based Training Programs FitIndiRxTailored Training Program
Nutrition Nutritional Guidelines dotFIT™ Nutrition and Supplements
Precision Nutrition Coaching
Supplements  dotFIT™ Supplement Recommendations
Discounts 20% off dotFIT™ Supplements
Tracking Online Progress TrackerFitIndiRx Monthly Dashboards
Consultation   Weekly Consultation
Additional Services Member Services*

member services

* All in-home and virtual packages (except the "Personal Fitness Guide") include the following Member Services:

  • Access to dotFIT™ library of hundreds of articles, FAQs, videos and more
  • Exercise descriptions and videos you can view on your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere
  • Access to discussion forums - connect with other members
  • Track your activities and food online