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Body Transformation Program

Designed for men and woman who want to increase lean muscle mass, lose body fat, or are concerned about their weight. Nutrition is a crucial component in your journey to transform your body. That’s why FitIndi provides nutritional assistance and supplement support through dotFIT™.

We also tailor a fitness program using the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Training model, the first science based training system in the industry. We will motivate, monitor your progress, and make adjustments so that you can reach your goals and avoid those dreaded plateaus.


Health and Wellness Program

Ideal for those who want to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. FitIndi examines your current health behaviors and creates a wellness score and profile that includes recommendations to positively affect your health and longevity. Receive individualized nutrition assistance, fitness programs, guidance and motivation to increase your energy, fitness, and overall health.


Sports Performance Program

Developed for recreational or professional athletes who want to improve their performance. FitIndi creates sport-specific assessments that tracks you progress and designs programs for the off-season that increases your conditioning and reduces the risk of injuries. During the season, FitIndi helps you excel to the next level.


Remobilization Program

For men and woman who want to move more efficiently and pain free and do all the physical activities they love. Today more of us work in offices, have longer work hours, use more technology and automation, and are required to move less. This environment leads to dysfunction and increased chances of injury. FitIndi helps you by taking an integrated and proven approach to create a safe exercise program to correct imbalances, improve movement and decrease the risk of injury.



dotFIT Nutrition and Supplements

Choose from 8 delicious personalized diets created by registered dieticians based on your lifestyle and food preferences! Track your caloric intake online from a 50,000 item database from CalorieKing.

As a member, you get 20% off high quality supplements made in an FDA registered facility using industry "good manufacturing procedures" (GMPs). You will have access to an amazing online library of weight loss, fitness, nutrition and performance health topics.


Precision Nutrition Coaching

This is habit-based nutrition that is simple to follow and easy to fit into any lifestyle. We will teach you how to eat for your bosy and work with you to develop healthy, long-term habits. We will also trouble-shoot through any road bumps along the way. This is possibly the easiest way to learn how to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time.


FitRanX™ Fitness Ranking

FitRanX™ is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system to assess your fitness level. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your trainer thinks you have improved. Rather it is an objective measurement of your fitness. There are 8 FitRanX™ levels. What level will you reach?

FitRanX™ system uses exercises that have been proven to help you demonstrate personal fitness growth in each major muscle group, as well as cardiovascular stamina.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training

HRV is a revolutionary and simple way to measure your readiness to train on a daily basis, eliminating guesswork and maximizing the results of your fitness program. HRV is a quick, easy and totally non-invasive measure of readiness and fatigue -- All in just 3 minutes a day

HRV is GPS for your fitness. It let's you know to push yourself to the max on the days that you're ready, and to back off on days when you're not. Maximize your results by training to your limits and improve strength, power, conditioning and fitness in record time.



Insanity Live

We're sure you've seen the INSANITY infomercials on TV, and now you can take a live class! Come and get INSANE during this high intensity cardio class that incorporates interval training and athletic drills to BURN tons of calories and reap the rewards of endurance and strength. You don't have to be in extreme shape as modifications are provided on all exercises.

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P90X Live

You've heard of P90X is well known - because it gets serious results. Now you can get those same results when you take a live class. You'll power through a variety of full-body strength training, cardio drills, and core work as a team to bust through plateaus. Moves and exercises can be modified so that you can get in the best shape of your life, no matter where you're starting from.

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